Portrait session FAQ

Where should we photograph my session?

Jessica McCormick Photography specializes in fun, funky, artistic outdoor portraiture. Whether you enjoy beauty in nature, the grungy urban look, or a little bit of both you will have time to be photographed at a variety of locations during your portrait session. Fields, flowers, lakes, woods, waterfalls, railroad tracks, brick buildings, graffiti, chain link fences, and random doorways all make awesome photo backdrops! Take a look through my different galleries; let me know what looks you like best, and we will go from there:)

How long do sessions last?

Most sessions last four hours: two hours of photographing, a one hour break for you while I upload your images to the computer, and up to one hour for you to look through your images and choose which ones you like best. If finding a four hour time block is an issue we can discuss splitting up the photographing and ordering into two separate appointments. Family, child, baby, and maternity sessions may only require one hour of photographing. I also offer straight shooting sessions (in which no post-production or Photoshop work is done to the images) in half-hour time blocks.

What is the best time of day for my session?

I photograph at all times of day but highly recommend the time block in which the photographing ends 30 minutes before that day’s listed sunset time. Lighting is super important in photography. We will choose your exact session locations based on how they look right then and there.

Can I bring my dog? Friends? Tuba?

Yes, yes, and yes! You can bring anything or anyone you’d like to your session, but please keep in mind that animals and multiple people take more time to photograph than single subjects. This is your session, so bring anything or anyone who is super important to you!

What is the cost of a session?

Your two-hour portrait session creation fee is $100. This includes your initial phone consultation to discuss your session, the four-hour time period in which your session takes place, and an additional hour of behind the scenes work to archive and post your images. All products are then purchased a la carte. Product descriptions and prices are available on the downloads & info. section of the website. There is a $250 minimum order. Payment is due in full at the time that you order your images. If your desired portrait creation session locations are more than 30 minutes from Crystal Beach, NY extra travel is $25 per hour. The travel charge may be waived if your order exceeds $750 and travel is reasonable for the day.

What about the $65 per-half-hour straight-shooting sessions?

With these sessions you get all of the low-res images from that time period on DVD (minus the blinks, off shots, etc.) but there is absolutely no post-production or Photoshop work done to the images. This type of session may be a good choice for you if the regular sessions are not in your budget, if your other options include being photographed by another photographer who does not do much, if any, post-production work, or if you are looking to have a family reunion, birthday party, or something of that sort photographed where there will be lots of images of lots of different people.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes I accept credit cards but cannot split credit payments into multiple transactions.

How do I book a portrait session?

To schedule your portrait session call me at 585-760-9366 or e-mail anytime. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule your session date and time. This deposit will go toward your session fee. Feel free to pay the deposit online via paypal by going to the proofing section of the website, entering password as the password (all lowercase), and following the directions there. If you would like to pay your deposit in cash or mail me a check please contact me.

Will my images be posted online?

If you book a regular four-hour session I will post some of my favorite images from your session to my fb biz page, where you will be able to tag yourself:)I will also post all of your images that you have purchased to the online proofing gallery on the website.

How do I prepare for my session?

Most people book their portrait session weeks or months before it actually takes place so this gives you an awesome amount of time to prepare. The most important things that I recommend are to:

-Limit sun exposure to avoid burns and tan lines. Tan line retouching is tricky business and is not included in your image purchase. Beware of sunglass, hat, and other types of tan lines.

-Wear your hair how you feel comfortable and if having it trimmed or colored, have it done at least a week before your session. If you have bangs have them trimmed so they will not be covering your eyes for your session. Guys should shave unless going for the bearded or scruffy look. Make sure you like your eyebrows.

-Make sure your nails are clean and neatly trimmed.

-Don’t worry about losing extra weight for your portrait session…unless the weight loss is drastic you cannot tell from looking at your portraits. As a professional photographer I know how to pose you to make you look your best.

-If you wear glasses you may want to borrow a similar pair without the lenses from your optician. If you cannot do this you may want to have the lenses removed from your glasses for your session. Glasses can cause many problems such as glare, distortion of the eyes, lines from bi and trifocals. If you show up with the lenses in your glasses we will do everything in our power to minimize these problems but we may not be able to eliminate them altogether.

What do I wear for my portrait session?

Bring a variety of outfit options in a variety of colors. Something casual, something fancy, something special…you can change as many times as you’d like during the time period you book for your session. We will look over your clothing options together and choose what will look best with your hair color, skin tone, body type, and desired locations. Generally you may want to avoid wearing white, fluorescents, stripes, plaids, textures, clothing that may be see-thru, and clothing with text or graphics. These outfit options can look less than flattering, distract from the overall image, work against the locations that you like, or make you look heavier than you are. Mid to dark solid colors tend to work best on most individuals in a variety of settings. Strapless bras are a must for photographs of girls in sleeveless tops. Accessories like chunky jewelry and scarves can really add an extra something special to your portraits. Take a look at this blog I have started to create (located under the downloads & info section of the website) to see what types of clothing could look good in portraits and how some of the general outfit guidelines I have listed above can be broken. Here are some recommended outfit guidelines for different types of sessions:

Babies & Toddlers: Please bring 5-6 different outfit options. Make sure you bring some plain, solid color outfits. We will not use everything, but it is great to have choices. Avoid collars, as little necks and faces tend to get lost. Colorful headbands and knit hats look super cute. Diaper covers come in very handy. Please bring along any props that you’d like, including but not limited to favorite blankies and toys. Remember that toddlers are low to the ground and try to bring things that will enhance the image and make them look up, such as balloons, instead of things that make them look down, such as matchbox cars. Cake smashes can make super fun birthday portraits. If interested in a cake smash at the end of the session please let me know in advance.

Kids: Please bring 4-5 outfit options. Most kids will not like to change multiple times so we will probably only use a couple of these. Bringing extra ensures that we will have what will look the best in the location you prefer. We will try our best to have as much fun during your child session as possible, yay!

High School Seniors: Girls generally bring 7-8 outfit options, guys 4-5. We will probably not have time to change 8 times, but options are awesome! Bring clothing that you like, and that is your personal style. If you are a ripped up jeans and band t-shirt skater kind of guy, then you should definitely do some portraits dressed like that skating at the skate-park! If you are a ballerina then we should create some beautiful dance art in your dancewear! Please read through the general outfit guidelines listed above and remember that clothing should be clean and wrinkle free! Ladies, please please, please remember that strapless bra if wearing sleeveless shirts! Also, remember to bring a variety of colors and styles. Prom dresses, regular dresses, skirts, suits, casual outfits, and sports uniforms are all great choices. It is a good rule of thumb to stick your high school senior yearbook photo spec sheet in your clothing bag so you don’t forget it. If you have any questions please call me at any time.

Families: Please bring 2-3 outfit options. Depending on how many individuals are in your family, we may only use 1 or 2. I am not really a fan of everybody being too matchy-matchy: there are better options than everybody wearing the same exact thing:)I will be adding more to this blog as time permits to inspire you:)Check it out!

Boudoir: Please bring as many things as you can fit into a duffel bag or suitcase! One common mistake that people make when choosing outfits for their boudoir session is bringing too many things that do not match. Make sure your bras and panties go together, that they do not look worn out, and that you have thigh-highs, heels, and jewelry to compliment the look. Bring a variety of colors. Multiple black lingerie sets do not look very different in photographs. If you would like nude photographs don’t be afraid to ask! Lots of girls do topless and full nude images. Some like them tastefully done and others like something a little wilder. If I were packing for a boudoir session I would bring every color bra and panty set that I owned, thigh-highs to go with most of them, and quite a few pairs of heels so I had something that matched every outfit. I would also bring a bunch of awesome jewelry! Look at this blog for a couple of outfit ideas. If you want a themed boudoir look (football jersey, men’s shirt, cowgirl, etc.) bring that stuff along too!

Engagement Sessions: Bring a few different outfits each. Your outfits do not have to totally match, but should compliment each other. A turquoise with a brown, a maroon with a cream, a pea-green with a plum…you get the idea! Also, feel free to bring any props that you think may enhance your portrait session. Guitars, roller-skates, kites, and moustaches on sticks can all be fun and look great in your portraits if worked in the right way. Lots of couples have been bringing props that they see on Pinterest lately (to create images for invitations, etc.) and they all look great! Whether you choose to dress like fashion models or like a ninja zombie bride and groom make sure that you love what you are bringing and that it suits your personal style!

Things to bring to your portrait session:



-Glasses without lenses

-Any props you like

-Strapless bra

-Your high school senior spec sheet

If you have any more questions that I have not answered feel free to give me a call! I would love to chat with you:)

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