Theresa ♥ Nick

I must start off by saying that I absolutely love these guys! Theresa & Nick are both super fun, smart, funny, and good looking so of course I had a great time photographing their engagement portrait session:)When I first met Theresa she told me that she had a thing for tall ornamental grass. Guess what? Me too!!! So we did some shots in the tall grasses over by FLCC, which I think really capture their personalities, then headed back to the woods and bridge over the swamp by the college. (DO NOT tell my son we went to the bridge without him, as it is his special spot and will get angry with me if he knows we went without him! Because of this I retouch all photos of other people at the bridge when he is sleeping lol.). That bridge is a really great spot for photos, as it is nice and secluded and is bathed in beautiful lighting any time of day. I love that Theresa & Nick brought their little doggers, as he is their baby, and he looks adorable in the pics! After the bridge we went to the lake for a few quick shots (super windy day at the lake!) then headed over to a couple of old busted up buildings that I love. Theresa has been hard at work planning and creating all of the little details for their rustic chic wedding (my favorite style of wedding decor, yay!), which will be this September at Ravenwood Golf Club in Victor. I am sooooo super excited to be their wedding photographer, and am sure we will have a great time zooming around on the golf carts to take their formal wedding portraits, wheeee!

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